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    Kid Mannequin Girl & Boy GBKP001 Pack of 2

    These Kids mannequins has just about everything: acrylic eyes, professionally applied make-up, eyelashes and a rotatable head. He/She’s made from a durable hard-plastic material which is virtually indestructible, It comes complete with a sturdy, rectangular glass/iron base and a chrome support rod mount, This mannequin is detachable at his head, arms which makes him easy to set up and dress. He weighs less than his fiberglass brother which keeps the shipping cost to a minimum and mobility easier. Perfect for online auctions, trade shows and boutiques.

    Full body realistic mannequin, High end plastic, detail makeup, Hollow full round, Unbreakable, durable, Head can be switched to all the direction, Acrylic eyes, very vivid, look like real Base included, High quality and solid construction, Beautifully Crafted, Easily comes apart making it a breeze to dress and undress, Makeup and realistic eyelashes make this mannequin look almost human, Made of Plastic Random Wig included

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